Back-up siren

Technical Data

power supply: 12VDC
sound pressure: appx. 110dB
temperature range: -10°C to +80°C
weight: appx. 400g
connections: 4: +12V,GND,pos.trigger, neg.trigger

Back-up siren

battery buffered

  • 100089 (Back-up siren)
  • Reisemobil
  • Caravan
  • Motor- und Segelboot
  • Alarms on trigger impulse from gas alarm/alarm unit
  • Alarms on high or low signal (12V or ground)
  • Alarms on power loss

Battery buffered siren

The battery buffered back-up siren can be connected to the siren output of G.A.S.-pro or WiPro. The Siren will also alert for a time of up to thirty minutes in case the power supply is disconnected or out of order (in case of disconnected battery or sabotage, for example).

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