safe.lock conversion circuit board

Technical Data

Operating voltage 3V (CR2032)
Frequency 868 MHz
Wireless range (free field) approx. 75m
Dimensions 50x19x1mm

safe.lock conversion circuit board

Modified circuit board for the vehicle key

  • 101052
  • Reisemobil
  • Copy-safe through over 4 billion codes
  • Replaces the pcb of the vehicle’s remote key (foldable key)

Modified / exchange board for the original vehicle remote key

The safe.lock modified circuit board in combination with the safe.lock module or the WiPro III safe.lock closes the vehicle’s security gap, caused by the uncoded vehicle key. After connection of the safe.lock module or WiPro III safe.lock to the central body computer of the car, the unsecure electronics of the vehicle’s key is replaced with the provided circuit board. Thus the vehicle can be safely locked and unlocked, protected by 4 billion continuously changing codes.

The exchange pcb replaces the original electronic inside the Fiat key. To use the key for starting the vehicle, a copy (clone) of the immobilizer transponder is needed. Please contact one of our safe.lock premium partners or a suitable smithlock. The copy should be generated before the workshop schedule, when executed from a smithlock.


safe.lock conversion circuit board
  • Umrüstplatine safe.lock
  • safe.lock Umrüstplatine Schlüssel offen
  • replay attack

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