Credit check for providers

e-plus *100#
o2 *101#
T-Mobile (Germany) *100#
Vodafone *100#
Simyo *100#
Swisscom (CH) *130#
sunrise (CH) *121#
orange (CH) #121# (AT) *101#
A1/B.Free (AT) only online, no prefix
orange (AT) only online, no prefix
Proximus (BE) #121#
Mobistar (BE) #123#

Will Pro-finder work without a WiPro?

Of course you can use Pro-finder stand alone without any WiPro, e.g. to switch electrical consumers or to control voltages.

With the integrated GPS receiver it is an outstanding stand alone tracking system for your vehicle with the best follow-up costs - only one SMS in case of an emergency.

What SIM card size for pro-finder?

Pro-finder uses up to serial number 0699-007 a standard SIM card (technically correct "mini-SIM"),from serial number 0699-008 (production since September 2015) a Micro-SIM (medium format).

Why does Pro-finder not respond to my (programming) SMS?

If the programming of Pro-finder basically fails, there is usually a mistake in the syntax. Please check again the spelling of the SMS.

If Pro-finder still does not respond or to normal commands such as "status" with "invalid command" after programming by another mobile phone, your phone probably uses Unicode to send the SMS. This can be changed on Android devices under the message settings (-> Settings -> Additional Settings -> SMS -> Input Mode) to ASCII or GSM alphabet.

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