Wireless gas alarm 868

Technical Data

Power supply: 12/24VDC
Current consumption: appx. 70mA
Sensitivity: 50ppm
Range: appx. 75m
Frequency: 868,35 MHz (<10mW)
Dimensions: 37x111x27mm
Weight: appx. 60g

Wireless gas alarm 868

for WiPro III and C.A.S. II

  • 100759 (Wireless gas alarm 868)
  • Reisemobil
  • Caravan
  • Motor- und Segelboot
  • Detects propan, butane and narcotic gases
  • Wireless for WiPro III and C.A.S. II
  • permanent sensor self test
  • temperature compensation
  • e1 type approval

Compact gas alarm for wireless alarm system for fixed mounting

The wireless gas alarm is the perfect match to the WiPro III main unit. It detects smallest amounts of propane and butane, just as well as narcotic gases.
Naturally the wireless gas alarm needs a constant power supply, but uses the radio path to alert the main unit.
In the same housing as the GBA-I the wireless gas alarm admits easy mounting via the included drilling template on the correct height.
Via the on-/off-button it can be deactivated on disuse.

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