Wireless magnetic contact 868

Technical Data

Supply voltage: 1 x CR2032
Range (open field): approx. 75 m
Transmitter frequency/power: 868,35 MHz / <10 mW
Temperature range: - 10 °C to + 80 °C
Transmitter dimensions (WxHxD): 44x34x15mm
Weight: approx. 33 g

Wireless magnetic contact 868

for WiPro III and C.A.S. II

  • 100757 (Wireless magnetic contact 868 (black))
  • 100758 (Wireless magnetic contact 868 (white))
  • Reisemobil
  • Caravan
  • Motor- und Segelboot
  • New compact design (ideal for caravan window frames)
  • Self adhesive, no screws, no mounting holes
  • Battery driven, long life cycle
  • Simple battery change (memory resistent)
  • Secured transmission
  • No electric smog

Additional wireless magnetic contacts for Thitronik alarm systems in 868MHz

The contacts are battery-driven and report opening/closing wireless to the main units from C.A.S. II and WiPro III.
The contacts stick to the surfaces, so you don't have to drill any holes in the vehicle. Special automotive self-adhesive pads stick on many kinds of surfaces. For (acrylic) glass the self-adhesive warning is included on the labels.

Inside the radio magnetic contacts, proven reed contact technology is coupled with the latest 868 MHz wireless technology:
Removing the magnet in the smaller enclosure far enough from the transmitter unit, starts the reed contact sending a signal. The main unit is aware of any state of all wireless contacts.
Developing the wireless contacts, thought has been given to the usually bigger distances on window frames. At least 22mm are possible.
All wireless components are secured via unique serial numbers and 4 billion changing codes. Once programmed to the main unit, only paired devices function.
Even on a voltage drop the data is stored. Deletion and reprogramming in the main unit is stil possible.
Further another reed contact protects from outer magnetic influences. 
The single, cheap button cell energizes the contact for several years. Depending on the guarantee of the battery, they should be changed every two years.
A weak battery is indicated via the LED on the wireless component and via an accoustic signal from the main unit.


Wireless magnetic contact 868
  • Kontakt 868 schwarz
  • Kontakt 868 weiss

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