Wireless remote control 868 "New generation"

Technical Data

Supply voltage: 1x CR2032
Range (open field): approx. 75m
Transmitter frequency: 868,35 MHz (<10mW)
Tempreature range: -10°C to + 80°C
Weight: approx. 20g
Dimensions(BxHxT): 54x31x12mm

Wireless remote control 868 "New generation"

for WiPro III safe.lock, WiPro III (since 04/2018) and C.A.S. III

  • 101064
  • Reisemobil
  • Easy, intuitive handling
  • Aktivation/Deactivation of the alarm unit and the central locking
  • Operating with and without any sound

Additional remote control for Thitronik alarm systems and the central locking (WiPro III safe.lock)

The remote control of the new generation allows operation of the central locking system (WiPro III safe.lock) and the alarm system with the push of a button. This allows the vehicle to be securely locked and unlocked, protected by 4 billion changing codes. The remote control serves as a supplement to the alarm systems - with appropriate symbols.