Technical Data

Operating voltage 12V or 24V
Standby power consumption appx. 10mA@12V
Frequency 868,35 MHz
Wireless range (free field) appx. 75m
Sound pressure internal piezo up to 102dB
Dimensions 100x26x68mm
Weight main unit 260g
Protection class main unit IP 40
Scope of delivery Main unit with integrated siren, wireless remote control 868, wireless magnetic contact 868, status LED, connection cable, manual, alarm sticker


CAN bus compatible wireless alarm for recreational vehicles

  • 100751 (WiPro III for Ducato/Boxer/Jumper/Daily since 2006)
  • 100752 (WiPro III for Transit since 2006)
  • 100753 (WiPro III for Sprinter/Crafter 2006-2017/18,2017/18+)
  • 100754 (WiPro III for T5, Master + all other vehicles)
  • Reisemobil
  • Easy intuitive handling
  • Wireless magnetic contacts (no wires)
  • Possibility to stay inside vehicle without deactivating any sensors
  • No interference-prone motion detectors
  • Controlled by vehicle’s remote control key fob
  • CAN Bus compatible
  • Also suitable for vehicles not equipped with CAN Bus
  • Wireless contacts have 2-year battery lifetime
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Range of up to 75 meters
  • Copy protected by over 4 billion codes
  • Protection of roof boxes
  • Handles up to 100 wireless modules
  • Panic alert function
  • Intuitive and very easy handling
  • E1 type approval
  • Remote alerting and remote locating (option)
  • Protection of bikes, surfboards, etc... (option)
  • Radio gas alarm for narcotic gases, propane and butane (option)

Wireless alarm system for motor caravans

The third generation of this alarm system for motor homes still uses no motion detectors. The new wireless magnetic contacts are adapted to the newest window frames for effective protection of the vehicle body. This prevents false alarms and the alarm system provides protection when it is most important – when you are inside!

The wireless range has been extended by up to 50 %. The integrated interior siren and self-adhesive mounting are only some of the features that make WiPro III even more intelligent. The newest generation of the CAN driver analyses the information from original equipment remote controls and door contacts of your motor home from 2006 onward. WiPro III monitors older vehicles via analog inputs. In both cases, up to 100 wireless security components can be added. For vehicles from 2006 onward, WiPro III is available with a vehicle-specific cable assembly and mounting material.

In combination with Pro-finder, you will be informed in the event of an alarm so you can locate the vehicle.

The modularity of the WiPro III makes it the right alarm system for every motor home. 

Relax – and don’t constantly worry about what to do in an emergency.

CAN bus function

– Evaluation of all original doors / micro-switches
– Evaluation of all original remote controls
– Connection of this option by qualified personnel
– Applies to basic vehicles starting from 2006 (Euro 4+5)

Can be retrofitted

It’s not quite so easy to think of everything in advance, in the case of such a complex system. If you notice a gap in your security concept or if the vehicle requirements change, the “easy add” function makes it easy for you to retrofit new remote accessories. All without a trip to the shop.

Wireless accessories 868

– Wireless magnetic contacts (opening detectors) for all windows, hatches and entrance doors
– Wireless gas alarm warns of propane / butane and narcotic gases
– Wireless remote control for multiple users
– Radio cable loop for securing mobile goods, e.g. bicycles, camping furniture, motorcycle


  • WiPro III New generation 100751
  • WiPro_III_solo

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