Mark Thietje
Managing director

Daniela Hierl

Bernd Umlauf
Sales director

Moritz Cordts
Technical manager

Company Thitronik

Thitronik GmbH is an owner-managed company located in Eckernförde in Germany. The company is specialized at the research and development of electronic security solutions for the motorhomes, vans, utility vehicles, yachts and houses.

Not only development, but also the production is located in Eckernförde. The product portfolio includes alarms, gas alarms as well as tracking systems.

The strategic aim of the Thitronik is to gain a market dominance. In order to reach this goal the company sets its focus on the highest quality and the maximal customer satisfaction. The biggest compliment for us is the trust and the number of satisfied customer recommendations.

The social trend regarding “holidays at home” is noticeable in the motor home industry. Nowadays are security and well-being inseparable. Therefore is demand in all security areas significantly increased.  

In order to develop a high-quality product, that is easy to handle and has a good price-quality ratio, it is above all necessary to have a competent team. Thitronik knows how important good and reliable employees are in order to sustain on highly competitive market and is proud on its locally-based “Made in Germany” production.


Thitronik GmbH is grounded by Mark Thietje in January 2010. However the name Thitronik is longer well-known. Out of the "Thitronik Schiffstechnik Vertriebs- und Entwicklungs GmbH" evolved in the year 2010 two independent GmbHs, each of them concentrating on its own core competencies - automotive and commercial seafaring. 

In 2019 the Thitronik GmbH moved to Eckernförde, the Thitronik Marine GmbH & Co.KG is still located in Kiel-Friedrichsort.