Thitronik cooperates for many years successfully with the leading vehicle manufacturers. The cooperation between the companies makes it possible to adjust the products to the individual installation requirements. The benefit of this cooperation is also valuable for the further development of current products and development of new ones. The vehicle manufacturers count on the security systems of Thitronik. For this reason they are offering our products in special equipment versions.

Under following links you can put your vehicle including Thitronik alarm system together:

Hymer     Hymercar     Hobby     Dethleffs    

Carado     Eura Mobil     La Strada     Concorde


Test winner WiPro III & G.A.S.-pro

The renowned magazine "Reisemobil International" has performed this test and reports in detail about it in its Security Special Issue 05/17. The "Must Have" WiPro III was the test winner in the category Wireless alarm systems and the G.A.S.-pro won in the Gas alarms category.

Test report Reisemobil International 05/2017



König Kunde Award

The primary goal of Thitronik is providing service and support prior to, during and after the purchasing of our products.  The customers thank our engagement with the further recommendations and with a smile. With us you don’t have waiting telephone queues at horrendous prices. Try it out yourself and take a contact with us.

Partner-/ Membership

Bordbuch 2017- of course with Thitronik!

On the over 200 pages presents the Bordbuch new products and technologies related to motorhome, caravan and leisure, explained in a comprehensive way for all the beginners and with a plenty of background information and expert tips for the experienced ones. In order to avoid keeping your holiday in a bad memory, you should follow a few simple security rules. Specially developed alarm systems for leisure vehicles can scare burglars into flight and thus prevent the worse. Also in this year we are one of the official Bordbuch- partners.



Strong community- Reisemobil Union e.V.

Reisemobil Union e.V. (RU) is one of the biggest interest groups for the motorhome tourists in Germany. For years it is standing for enforcement of the legitimate interests of the motorhome drivers. The RU is established in 1989 by a few motorhome clubs. Today it consists of many regional motorhome clubs with thousands of individual members, whose aim is that traveling with motorhome stays affordable holiday and lifestyle form. An additional support comes from the many sponsoring members from the industry, tourism and another institutions.

Schleswig-Holstein. Der echte Norden.

We are since March 2016 proud partners of the brand "Schleswig-Holstein. Der echte Norden". Starting from the development, over production to the technical support during installation are the highest quality and reliability essential for a good security system. Therefore we chose with purpose Kiel as a production site. The connection to Schleswig-Holstein and to the economic partners reinforces us in our philosophy to continue developing Schleswig - Holstein as a business location. You can find further information about this partnership here.

Intercaravaning- Thitronik as a Premiumpartner

Together we are strong: over 20 years offers InterCaravaning as Europa’s biggest trader group motorhomes and caravans under fair prices, useful accessories and a competent customer service.

Choose your own wish-equipment. In your dealer’s workshop you will get immediate support from the qualified personnel regarding installation or technical solutions of any kind.


In order to fulfill our mission, we are depending on the support of as many people as possible. Each one can in this way contribute that a part of humanity reaches those who are most in need: the victims of violence and criminality. About 50 000 members are supporting innocent victims through their membership fee. We are naturally part of it!