G.A.S.-pro III

Technical Data

Power supply 12/24 V DC
Current consumption approx. 80 mA per sensor
Sensor input 1
Internal sensor input 1
Sensitivity from 50 ppm
Sound pressure 102 dB (internal siren)
Temperature range -20 °C to +80 °C
Dimensions (W × H × D) 100 × 90 × 40 mm
Weight approx. 140 g

G.A.S.-pro III

The new generation 2020 – available in april 2020

  • 101287 (G.A.S.-pro III CO)
  • 101286 (G.A.S.-pro III)
  • Reisemobil
  • Caravan
  • Motor- und Segelboot
  • Gas detection according to DIN EN 50194-2
  • Gas detection according to DIN EN 50291-2 (CO-Version)
  • CI-BUS support
  • Detects propane and butane, narcotic gases or
  • carbon monoxide
  • Continuous temperature compensation
  • Regular self-test for determining functionality
  • Alarm output (volt-free relay)/Siren output
  • Auto sense inputs
  • Pause and ON/OFF buttons
  • LED display for both sensors
  • Internal 102 dB siren

The new generation 2020

The better is known to be the enemy of the good – and thus more powerful new developments make some proven products pale in comparison. That doesn’t stop us at THITRONIK from constantly rethinking, optimising and adding new functions to our products.

One of our latest products: the G.A.S.-pro III. It will be launched on the market in 2020 and together with the current G.A.S.-pro will round out our assortment in the exclusive high-end segment. It can do everything the standard G.A.S.-pro can, only some things even better in many aspects.

Version III will even be available in two basic set-ups. The familiar version has an integrated LPG or narcotic gas sensor and the option of combination with a CO gas sensor. Version 2 has a CO sensor as standard and can optionally be supplemented with the LPG/KO gas sensor. Otherwise the G.A.S.-pro III presents itself as a technical quantum leap: in combination with an LPG/KO gas sensor, its current consumption drops down to a minimum of 60 mA; in combination with a CO gas sensor, it is a mere 40 mA. The internal siren increases to a penetrating 102 dB and an integrated humidity sensor optimises the already precise measurements when there is high humidity in the vehicle or exhaled air in the direct vicinity of the sensor. Additionally, an alcohol filter (LPG / KO gas sensor) eliminates false alarms caused by alcohol in the air.

Last but not least: thanks to an integrated wireless unit, the new G.A.S.-pro III no longer has to be wired – simply connect it to the central control unit via easy add. Finished. 

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