Technical Data

power supply: 12/24VDC
current consumption: appx. 85mA each sensor
sensor inputs: 3
sound pressure: appx. 90dB (int. siren)
appx. 110dB (ext. siren)
temperature range: -10°C to +80°C
weight: appx. 140g


Gas alarm system

  • 100001 (G.A.S.-pro)
  • Reisemobil
  • Caravan
  • Motor- und Segelboot
  • Detects narcotic gas, Propane and Butane (carbon monoxide optional)
  • 3 Sensor inputs
  • Continuous sensor self test
  • Temperature compensation
  • Auto sense inputs
  • Siren output
  • e1 type approval

Modular gas alarm system for fixed mounting

G.A.S.-pro detects any narcotic gas used for gas attacks at present as well as Propane and Butane. The software controlled temperature compensation ensures a reliable function even at extrem conditions.
Because of the plugable and exchangeable sensors the system is easy to service and ready for future.
G.A.S.-pro can be used as a stand alone unit with its build in siren and the external sensor included in the basic package. With the optional accessories G.A.S.-pro can be upgraded to meet any vehicle requirements. Furthermore  G.A.S.-pro can be combined with our wireless alarm WiPro to work as a all round alarm system.

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