WiPro III safe.lock

Technical Data

Operating voltage 12V or 24V
Standby – current consumption approx. 11mA@12V
Frequency 868,35 MHz
Wireless range (free field) approx. 75m
Sound pressure Piezo tehnology up to 102dB
Dimensions 100x26x68mm
Module weight 260g
Housing protection category IP 40
Mounting self-adhesive I loop (lug)
Scope of delivery WiPro III safe.lock main unit, remote control 868, wireless magnetic contact black 868, cable harness, mounting material, instruction manual

WiPro III safe.lock

CAN-bus wireless alarm system for the motorhomes

  • 101050 (WiPro III safe.lock for Ducato/Jumper/Boxer/Daily 2006+)
  • Reisemobil
  • Protection from replay attacks
  • Control of the central locking
  • Copy-safe through over 4 billion codes
  • Jamming detection “anti-jamming”
  • Simple, intuitive handling
  • Wireless magnetic contacts without wiring!
  • No interference-prone motion detectors
  • Possibility to stay inside vehicle without deactivating any sensors
  • Controlled by vehicle’s remote control key fob
  • Easy add 2.0: function for adding wireless accessories using the remote control or cabin door
  • Vent check: check for open contacts prior to departure
  • Panic alert function
  • Delivered with vehicle-specific cable assembly
  • Wireless contacts have approx. 2-year battery lifetime
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Handles up to 100 wireless modules
  • Range of up to 75 meters
  • Outputs for hazard lights, horn and additional siren
  • E1 type approval
  • Modified circuit board for the original vehicle key (optional)
  • Remote alerting and remote locating with Pro-finder (optional)
  • Protection of bikes, mobile mobile sat-Antennas, surfboards, etc... with the wireless cable loop (optional)
  • Wireless gas alarm for narcotic gases, propane and butane (optional)

Wireless alarm system with control of central locking

Make good even better was the requirement for the further development of the WiPro III. The result is the WiPro III safe.lock, which protects the vehicle from conventional burglary with tools and the associated damage, and provides additional security against increasingly frequent replay attacks.

By the base vehicles with insufficient encryption of the radio signals an “unlock” with the original wireless vehicle key can be recorded and later re-used. This so-called “replay attack” can be efficiently prevented by using a “rolling code”. The WiPro III safe.lock closes this security loophole – it replaces the vehicle’s receiver and controls the central locking.The original vehicle key  can  also  be  equipped  with  an optional conversion printed circuit board (Art. no.: 101052), so use of the key can continue without reservation.

As to be expected, also the WiPro III safe.lock does not use motion detectors, but keeps the interior of the vehicle safe with wireless magnetic contacts mounted on window frames. Thereby the risk of false alarms is eliminated, and what is most important - it protects you when being inside the vehicle!

In combination with Pro-finder you will be immediately informed in case of alarm and you are able to trace your vehicle.

Wireless security system

WiPro III safe.lock works with wireless components and makes it easy to interlink new wireless accessories. The components with its own serial numbers are linked to the main unit. Security coding and jamming detection are protecting operating of the system.

No motion detectors

It is not a waiver. WiPro III safe.lock monitors the shell, not the interior. In this way is not only the response faster, but also are the false alarms eliminated.

Operating concept

A simple usage is also helpful. WiPro III safe.lock is automatically activated with the Thitronik wireless remote control or with the modified vehicles remote key. Opening of the central lock deactivates the system. It couldn’t be simpler. Hint: It always opens or closes the complete central locking system.
Even more user friendly is the new concept of acustic signals for arming and disarming:
One button of the Thitronik remote control arms the system without any sound - so no one is awakened at night. Optional as before, with both buttons a beep.
Hint: The use of the dead lock function (extra equipment of the vehicle) is not possible.

CAN-Bus function

- Evaluation of all the original doors/micro switches
- Connecting by qualified personnel

Wireless accessories

- wireless magnetic contacts 868 (opening detectors) for all the windows, hatches and camping body doors
- wireless gas alarm 868 warns in case of propan/butan and narcotic gases
- wireless remote control 868 for more users
- radio cable loop 868 for securing mobile belongings, like bikes, camping equipment, motor bike
- safe.lock conversion pcb for the foldable key

High adaptability

WiPro III safe.lock is through the extensive choice of wireless accessories adaptable to security requirements of each vehicle owner. 

Subsequent extension "easy add"

It’s not quite so easy to think of everything in advance, in the case of such a complex system. If you notice a gap in your security concept or if the vehicle requirements change, the “easy add” 2.0 function makes it easy for you to retrofit new remote accessories.
All without a trip to the shop.

Vent check (departure control)

Everything packed, navigation device programmed, motor started, treads and satellite dish folded up and on the road. But what is with the roof hatches? Is everything closed?
WiPro III safe.lock indicates by ignition open wireless contacts and protects you and your vehicle from demolished roof windows.

Remote alarming

WiPro III safe.lock is capable in combination with the Pro-finder to send alarm sms up to 10 mobile phones. The security system can be controlled via mobile phone. An integrated GPS in Pro-finder allows tracing of the vehicle informing in the alarm sms about the coordinates.


- CAN Bus compatible
- Antenna for 868MHz wireless components
- Analog input for wired gas alarms
- Siren output (operating voltage/1A)
- Horn output (wired ground)
- Hazard lights output for powerless control
- Status-LED display on the dash board
- Internal Piezo-siren (102db) for alarm/status indications 


Not only is the development located in Germany. We are putting high value on contracting regional suppliers and we are producing, programming, testing and packing in our company located in Eckernförde. We stand behind our products: Thitronik gives 36 Months guarantee on all WiPro safe.lock.


WiPro III safe.lock
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  • WiPro III safe.lock frei web
  • WiPro III safe.lock Handsender
  • WiPro III Funk-Magentkontakt sw Reed
  • WiPro III Funk-Magentkontakt sw Magnet
  • replay attack

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