Which vehicles are affected?

Currently these models::
Fiat Ducato (2006-2018)
Peugeot Boxer (2006-2018)
Citroen Jumper (2006-2018)
Iveco Daily (2006-2018)

Since model year 2019 the original remote key is equipped with a rolling code.

What is the danger of a replay attack?

Burglars open the vehicle with a copied "unlock" signal from the original vehicle remote control. The vehicle can not distinguish this actually foreign signal from a real operation.
And since the signal runs over the CAN bus, every CAN bus alarm system is also disarmed.
Since this burglary and theft of valuables is not traceable (without a trace), the insurance does not pay.

How does the upgrade of an existing WiPro III work?

- Remove WiPro III main unit
- Complete this form, print and sign
- Send both together to Thitronik (no further accessories or keys!)
- WiPro III receives the upgrade
- Return shipment including invoice
- Remounting of WiPro III main unit (plus connection of two new cables for the central locking function)
- Re-programming of the existing radio accessories (input and output tests require this step)
- Safe locking / unlocking of the vehicle

Upgradable are all WiPro III.

What happens to the vehicle radio key (folding key)?

The original key should not be used without a safe.lock product. The copying of the "unlock" signal for the replay attack can also be recorded out of sight.
Tip: Remove the button cell from the folding key, so you do not risk forgetting this.

You can use the conversion board (item no. 101052) for the vehicle key if:
- you use a WiPro III safe.lock (item no. 101050)
- you use a WiPro III with upgrade to safe.lock (item no. 101053)
- you use the safe.lock module (item no. 101051)
The conversion board is programmed to the safe.lock product like a Thitronik radio remote control.

You buy this conversion board from your dealer. For the conversion of the folding key a manual is included, so housing and key blade will continue to be used.

Important: So that you can start the vehicle as usual with the folding key, you need a transponder for the immobilizer. Unfortunately, the original transponder can not be reused by being removed  from the original board. Thus a copy (a so-called clone) of the immobilizer transponder must be created. Thitronik safe.lock Premium Partners or appropriately equipped locksmiths (for example, www.ihreschluessel.de) take on this task. You must visit the safe.lock Premium Partner and / or the locksmiths with the vehicle and the ignition key. Please ask in advance if appropriate equipment is available.

How then the replacement board, the immobilizer transponder and the folding key come together, we have summarized here in a video.

How do I protect myself against replay attacks without having to install a WiPro / alarm system?

If you do not want an alarm system, the safe.lock module can protect your vehicle against the replay attacks. It replaces the vehicle radio receiver for the original radio remote control. The supplied conversion board is inserted into the key and taught in the safe.lock module. The secure radio path of these two components protects you from the reuse of "old" radio signals.
(Please note the previous question / answer regarding the immobilizer)

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