Compatibility list WiPro III

Continuous development of the WiPro III has already brought several software releases onto the market. Higher software updates include previous functions.
Vehicle Model year Supported since serial number(software release) Comment
all vehicles before 2006 0823-001 (2.1) Additional siren recommended
Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer 2006+, Euro 4/5/5+/6 0823-001 (2.1)
Iveco Daily 2006+, Euro 4/5/5+/6 0823-001 (2.1)
Ford Transit 6th Generation 2006-2013 0823-001 (2.1) Deadlock necessary
Ford Transit 7th Generation 2014-2015 0823-011 (4.7) No evaluation of Ford remote
Ford Transit 7th Generation 2016+ 0823-013 (5.6) Only without deadlock
Mercedes Sprinter NCV3, VW Crafter 2006+ 0823-001 (2.1) Additional siren recommended
Renault Master, Opel Movano until 2011 2006-2010 0823-001 (2.1) Additional siren recommended
Renault Master 2010+ 0823-001 (2.1)
Renault Trafic III, Fiat Talento 2014+ 0823-014 (5.9) Without keyless-entry(no arming/disarming)
VW Caddy 2010+ 0823-014 (5.9) Additional siren recommended
VW T5 2006-2009 0823-001 (2.1) Additional siren recommended
VW T5 2010-2015 0823-001 (2.1) Additional siren recommended
VW T6 2015-2019 0823-012 (5.1) Additional siren recommended
VW T6.1 2019+ not supported yet

Why no motion detectors?

These are responsible in the car sector for the bad reputation of alarm systems and should not be used in the segment of recreational vehicles.
Motion detectors of any concept (ultrasound, radar, infrared) are always prone to false alarms. Especially in the motorhome the conditions are ideal:
Curtains moved by heating thermics, passing trucks, falling branches, trapped insects, etc.
Also you can not leave children or animals of any size in the vehicle with activated detectors. Without these detectors the protection is eliminated (or the concept was already false), the switching off after a long time is often not reproducible and complicated.
You should not be burdened with false alarms or the need to switch off these detectors. In your free time, carelessness and ease of use should be in the foreground.

Can I still upgrade my WiPro? easy-add?

Still another roof hatch or service hatch to be secured?
A cable loop for the new bike carrier?
A Pro-finder for tracking demands?

The WiPro III is a modular system that allows the subsequent addition of components at any time.
Thus, you can easily respond to changes in vehicle conditions or your personal safety claim.

The easy-add function in version 2.0 makes it possible to teach radio accessories to the WiPro either with a (already programmed) remote control or a CAN bus door:

- Disconnect power to the WiPro III main unit for about 10 seconds (using the fuse)
- Reconnect power and within 30 seconds either press the big button of the radio remote control five times or open / close the driver's door five times
- WiPro acknowledges with a tone and the status LED in the dashboard lights up permanently red - the alarm system now awaits the identifications of new radio accessories, which are stored by triggering a transmission pulse
- interrupt and reconnect power again - done

Switch positions WiPro III

Schalterstellungen des 8fach Schiebeschalters von WiPro III
Vehicle Switch 1 Switch 2 Switch 3 Switch 4 from serial number/ software
Universal off off off off
Mercedes Sprinter NCV3 on off off off
Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer, Iveco Daily off on off off
Ford Transit 6. Generation on on off off
Renault Trafic III, Fiat Talento off off on off 0823-014/5.9
VW T5 before Facelift on off on off
Renault Master ab 2010 off on on off
Renault Master bis 2010 on on on off
VW Caddy (2K) off off off on 0823-014/5.9
VW T5 Facelift on off off on
Ford Transit 7. Generation 2016+ off on off on 0823-013/5.6
Unused on on off on
VW T6 off off on on 0823-012/5.1
Mercedes V-Klasse (447) on off on on 0823-013/5.6
Unused off on on on
Ford Transit 7. Generation 2014-2015 on on on on 0823-011/4.7

Can you install the WiPro yourself?

Professionally skilled persons are quite capable of self-installation of an alarm system. When it comes to connecting to the CAN bus, special expertise, increased precision and the right tool are required. Only by installing in a specialist workshop, you can be sure that the function is given in the long term - and you endanger neither your environment, nor the vehicle warranty. Our premium partners also have specially trained personnel on our alarm systems to be able to help you even faster and more competent.

How long do the button cells of the radio components last?

A single, inexpensive button cell feeds the radio magnetic contact for several years, but should be replaced every two years due to the battery warranty.
It is a CR2032, which may be stored unused for up to 10 years, depending on the age (note the imprint), is subject to a 2-year warranty against leakage when commissioned for the first time. Therefore, it should be exchanged in such a timeframe (reminder, for example, vehicle inspection and gas check).

"Why does a beep sound every time you open the doors?" Or "What happens if a battery is (almost) empty?"

A weak battery is indicated by an LED on the radio component itself, or reported by a radio signal to the WiPro main unit:
The LED flickers 5 times during normal operation. When the battery is low, this LED stays on for about 20 seconds. At the same time, the main unit signals a weak button cell with a long beep.
You have enough time to change the battery before it is finally empty.
Please recycle the empty battery.

Can I change the batteries myself?

Of course! It is a standard lithium coin cell type CR2032.
When changing the battery, please make sure not to leave any fingerprints on the button cells (increased self-discharge) and pay attention to the correct polarity.
The memory of radio accessories, or the WiPro are not volatile - so the devices still communicate with each other after changing the battery.
Please recycle the empty battery.

Ventilation function - or "What is the hint sound when activating the WiPro?"

The multiple beep in a different pitch (before the simple (lower) arming signal) is the indication of the ventilation function. 
WiPro warns of one or more open wireless magnetic contacts when locking the vehicle. WiPro is armed and monitors any closed contacts. Open contacts are ignored - until closed for at least 4 seconds.

By the way:
When activating the ignition, the multiple beep can also be done. This is the "vent check" function that alerts you when you drive, if e.g. still roof hatches are open.

What is a CAN bus?

In order to reduce the wiring harnesses (up to 2 km per vehicle) and thereby save weight, the CAN bus was introduced in passenger cars and, later, also in commercial vehicles.
It supplies the electronic control units with information via a two-wire communication line.
Large groups of control units are combined in individual bus systems. Thus, although some vehicles have an engine or transmission CAN, they do not have a comfort CAN in which e.g. the information of the door contacts or the radio remote control can be found.



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