Which serial numbers should I enter - these are not known to me at all?!

If you don't know the current serial numbers of your WiPro or your Pro-finder, you can enter the following values for an almost full range of options:

Device Serial number
WiPro III 0823-018
WiPro III safe.lock 1050-003
Pro-finder 0699-012

Only the latest functions (10/2018) "locking/unlocking central locking via SMS" and "teach-in mode via app" only work from:

Device Serial number
WiPro III safe.lock 1050-004
Pro-finder 0699-013

Which type of access should I choose from the Pro-Finder?

If the Pro-Finder is already programmed (supposed to be), you can still select "authorized number" for your smartphone, even if the specific device is the "master number".

This avoids further programming - and if telephone numbers should change and reprogramming may be necessary, you can later change them to "Master number" in the vehicle settings and then re-program them.

Why doesn't the Pro-finder respond to my orders?

Counter-question: Was the Pro-finder authorised with a programming SMS to do so? This has to be done first. Without an appropriate programming, the Prof-finder does what it should - ignore "foreign" commands. If the programming was done from the app and you did not receive a response, the SIM card was probably already installed before it was activated by the provider. Then the Pro-finder has to be switched off for 5 seconds so that it can log in again. Then restore the power supply, you should then get an answer after about 1 minute.