Technical Data

Supply voltage: 12/24 VDC
Tx current consumption: approx. 50 mA
Current consumption at rest: approx. 30 mA
Transmitter frequency: quad band
Target phone numbers: up to 10
Inputs: 4
Outputs: 2 x 0.5 A
Temperature range: -10 °C to +80 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 100x33x68 mm
Weight: approx. 120 g


Tracking and remote alert solution

  • 100699 (Pro-finder)
  • Reisemobil
  • Caravan
  • Motor- und Segelboot
  • Remote locating all the way to the house number
  • No monthly fees
  • Remote locating from any location
  • Interval tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Remote locating on request
  • Continuous or switchable operation
  • Minimal installation required
  • Low current consumption
  • Power monitoring

Vehicle tracking stand alone or in combination with WiPro III

Pro-finder alerts you in case of a break-in attempt on up to 10 mobile phones via SMS. You can request a status report at any time by call or text message to determine the status of the system and its inputs and outputs. It also contains the current or last known position data. For smartphone users as a link to the maps application.
Thanks to the integrated GPS, the installation effort is limited to connecting the supply voltage and a data connection to the WiPro.
Or as a stand-alone device for all vehicles and objects without WiPro III or C.A.S. III, which need your attention:You receive a status report with current GPS data, voltage values ​​of connected sources and switching states of the integrated outputs via a call or automatically at a pre-settable interval.
Locate the vehicle position ad hoc, traceable or when moving on up to 10 mobile phone numbers. And if needed, turn on or off up to two electrical consumers.
Thanks to the integrated GPS, the installation effort is limited to connecting the supply voltage.Pro-finder is ideal for your car, vintage cars, small vehicle fleets and e.g. for your photovoltaic system. Specially designed for smaller fleets, an expensive server connection was omitted.
You can choose according to personal taste, whether you want to receive the current vehicle position automatically, only on request by phone call, or if an event should trigger a position message.


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